From October 28 to November 2 2013 the creative playground PB43 in Copenhagen hosted the annual Re-New Festival where digital artists, curators and researchers from all over the world meet to perform, present, discuss and build new forms of digital art:

“The annual Re-New media art confest is a meeting-point for all those active in the art- science-technology amalgam. The event is a platform for artists, technologists, curators, researchers and scientists alike, and facilitates networking, knowledge sharing and dissemination.”

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Download proceedings from the presentations here. Keynotes were given by:

David Wessel,
Center for New Music and Audio Technologies Department of Music
University of California Berkeley, US

Gunalan Nadarajan
Dean, Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design
University of Michigan, US

Bill Seaman,
Professor, Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies
Duke University, Durham, US

Susan Kozel,
Professor, School of Arts and Communication and MEDEA.
Malmø, Sweden.

The program was packed and sometimes changed due to a very ‘leaned back’ organisation, so my personal output was somehow determined by coincidence. Here a few snapshots from the festival that caught my attention for original use of technologu to create and emotional and memorable experience:

Susan Kozel headed the off-venue performance AffeXity: Passages and Tunnels.

Printed tags with images were put on the outer walls of the former church Sct. Nicolai in central Copenhagen and served as triggers for an augmented video experience on the viewer’s own mobile devices:

WP_20131031_037  WP_20131031_039

IMG_3700  IMG_3710

And my personal favorite: The Drone Painting by the artist group Illutron. 30-40 toy drones were put in the cage with 4 containers with different colours of paint and a blank canvas in the middle. The drones were then remote controlled to fly around in the cage into the paint and across the canvas in chaotic and random patterns. The performance also had sounddesign by Yann Copier/Studio Ovale based on processed sounds from the drones.

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