My first consultant assignment in my company Moos Innovation was the creation of the Professional Bachelor’s Program for Sonic College in Haderslev, Southern Denmark back in  2010: A technical and sound design oriented program with an intake of 25-40 students every year even though four times as many apply. It is also one of the only places in Denmark where I still find my book Filtreringer, a history of electronic music from 1898 -2001, as part of the curriculum.

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Since the start of the program I haven’t been involved in much of the teaching though except for a 7 day module ‘In Real Life‘ spread out over 6 weeks in the last term with partly class room exercises and partly Skype supervision.

The In Real Life- course prepares the soon-to-be PBAs in Media  and Sonic Communication for working life after being full time students for 3,5 years. So what methods do I use to uptain that? I find, that a combination of the following exercises works really well:

  • narrative reflection in small groups about dreams and competencies,
  • externalization of dream(s) into writing (Plan A, Plan B etc.),
  • doing a strategic mapping of network related to the dream,
  • crowd-researching on master programs and interesting companies to work for – and sharing the research

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  • taking real steps to realize the dream (making phone calls, taking meetings, attending networking activities),
  • creating a resume related to the dream,
  • creating an online portfolio related to the dream,
  • using the NABC structure to communicate the plan towards realizing the dream.

How does this approach work?
October 8 was that time of year where the soon-to-be full blown sound designers once again finishes ‘In Real Life’ with a presentation of an action plan for achieving their dream after graduation.

And once again it was so interesting to see what had happened with these dreams over the course of just 6 weeks: Being forced to externalize and verbalize one or more dreams and being supervised to take small, but real steps towards achieving the dream, had led several students to already have a contract for their dream job or just go ahead and start their own business – and this had happened 4 months before the actual graduation.

I think a lot of educations could learn from Sonic College…..