IMG_4332January 21st 2016 I spent a very productive day with the best bunch of people: A whole department of science journalists from DR (DR Viden) from radio, tv and online mixed with a handful of game developers from my network. The purpose of the day was to develop new ideas for public service science communication in a cross industry setting.

We started out in the old ‘TV City’ just outside Copenhagen with a very inspiring talk by Christian Fonnesbech, one of the few grand ol’ transmedia men in Denmark with more that 30 interactive game productions behind him. Most recent Cloud Chamber, a combination of conspiracy film, space game, online mystery and science doc. We all got wiser on the many pitfalls of making trans media game productions since Cloud Chamber is no more – just 2 years after release despite the happy critics.

The rest of the day was divided into 4 sessions:

Session 1: Idea development using 4 brainstorm categories followed by forced creativity exercise. The participants combined random associations on postits from different categories to an idea that was addressing the scope of the day: Developing new science formats for DR.

The categories were:

Forbidden places,
The first time……,
A person I would like to meet,
New technology










Session 1 ended with the 8 teams pitching their ideas in 2-3 minutes per idea and then the posters were put on the wall.

Finally I made the whole group map all the ideas in a c-box matrix.

Session 2: Same as session 1, but with 5 other brainstorm categories taking the associations in some what other directions. The categories were:

Denmark 2050,
It f**** annoys me when….,
New target groups for DR
I would like to invent…..
Sci-fi story I would like to be in.










Session 2 also ended with the teams pitching their ideas and the posters on the wall. Quite a wallpaper we made there!










Session 3: The participants had 15 minutes to mingle between the posters and select one idea and a new partner to develop the idea with. 

Session 4: I had prepared some guidelines for developing and twisting the idea into a concept and also offered the participants a pitch template. The day ended with around 30 sketches and 10 further developed ideas for engaging with Science in entertaining public service formats – some of them  quite innovative compared to what usually comes out from DR.


**********1 week later:*******************

Session 5: Pitch training
The last session followed a week later. Half of the participants were offered a ‘boot camp’ with pitch training with a selected idea and given feedback on both their performance and the concept.
Next day, they had the opportunity to pitch the idea for the program director of DR3 in order to get green lighted for production.

So far, one concept has slipped through the camel’s eye of the director and will be on air in the fall – I can’t say what it is, but I think it is soooo cool and I will be glued to the screen all four programs.