Happy to announce a new and innovative two year full-time Master/MSc program at Roskilde University in Denmark, which also happen to fall under my chair of the board for external examiners:RUC2

Master in Spacial Design and Society

The program aims to provide students with the competencies to:

  • analyse the use of existing designs
  • analyse the need for future designs
  • enter into interdisciplinary design processes in collaboration with various stakeholders.spacialdesigns

The distinctive features of the Masters in Spatial Design are:

  • it cuts across traditional academic boundaries within the social sciences (sociology, anthropology and social geography) at the same time as integrating design science and practical media studies and technical know-how;
  • it examines design and design processes in situ and in actu, i.e. the places where they are used and designed;
  • it provides a unique spatial understanding of design and a unique design perspective on the spatial organization of society.
  • it systematically teaches students to combine depth analysis with practical and creative usability;
  • it gives students the skills to become consultants that can make social scientific analyses of design processes and who can also understand how consumption design, and designed sites, are experienced and used by humans.

See full curriculum here

NOTE: Students with a valid EU/EEA citizenship do not pay tuition fee.