A Friday in May I a received an invitation to host a Music2Go concert at The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen – only featuring film music classics.

The producer was looking for an expert in ‘film music’ and my name apparently popped up among many others in a search, so I really have to thank Google for giving me the opportunity to be considered for this job (I have several blogposts tagged with either ‘film’ or ‘music’, but none with ‘film music’).

DKT - 04

After accepting this unusual invitation there was, to be honest, a little home work to be done reading up on my film music knowledge, the relationship between sci-fi films and symphonic music and preparing for the big stage performance for 700 film music buffs…..

However, I was with the best of the best: The concert was beautifully performed by the brass and percussion section from The Royal Theatre Orchestra – an orchestra with a history dating back to 1498 which has been working with numerous great conductors and composers over the years such as Richard Strauss, Igor Stravinsky, Leonard Bernstein, Sergiu Celibidache and Daniel Barenboim and this concert was no exeption with Swedish conductor Andreas Hanson on the podio.


Gamle Scene

The Music2go program ranged from world known movie themes from A Space Odyssey 2001, Starwars, Lord of the Rings and James Bond to iconic Danish movies themes from Olsen banden, Matador and Dancer in the Dark to international film classics like Spitfire and Lt. Kije from 1930’es and 40’es. Several pieces were supplemented with movie clips on the back stage movie screen.




My contribution was to talk about the importance of music in films, a brief history of film music and reflect upon the strange and yet so long and sweet marriage between sci-fi/fantasy films and symphonic music. I also did some short in-between interviews with the conductor about the background and motivation for the concert, and according to the producer, conductor and the audience – I think I passed;-D.




My greatest honor was to be greated and thanked personally after the concert by the 91 year old Danish composer and pianist Bent Fabricius Bjerre alias ‘Bent Fabric’, the author of so many great tunes for movies and tv series in the Danish media history. Without his ear catching tunes Denmark would be a lesser culture.

As every great event also has to end, I ended the evening with these words:

Remember, films should be seen in the cinema and music must be heard live!